Employee Benefits

Alliance of Christian Organizations

Employee Benefits


Dental Insurance – MetLife

Dental insurance available for full-time employees and their 


VisionSavings Eyecare Program– MetLife

Discount program for vision related care.


Life Insurance - MetLife


         Group term life insurance (no cash value accumulation)

         Policy amount:  three (3) times annual gross salary         -

Minimum amount of $75,000 (U.S. based) or $100,000 (Non-U.S. based)

Maximum of $500,000

              $    10,000 dependent coverage for spouse not employed by church

              $    10,000 dependent coverage for child(ren) at least 6 months old

         Age 65 or older: 65% normal benefit

         Age 70 or older: 50% normal benefit


** Note – this life insurance provides coverage only WHILE YOU ARE AN ACTIVE, FULL-TIME EMPLOYEE! This will not cover employees who retire or are no longer working for the church.


Long Term Disability - MetLife

         Minimum of 60% of pre-disability monthly income after 90 days. 


Short Term Disability - MetLife

         $100 per week for first 90 days of complete disability. 


Retirement Plan – Fidelity Investments

403(b) Tax-deferred retirement plan available for all full-time 


Flexible Spending Account – Group Dynamic

If offered by your employer, all full-time employees may utilize pre-tax dollars to pay for childcare and/or medical expenses.